HCA special administration housing associations

HCA considers 'special administration' process for HAs

28/08/2014 4:54 pm | By Luke Cross

A special administration regime for housing associations is one of a number of options on the table as the regulator works with the government to overhaul its crisis management process and ensure social housing assets are protected.

Private placements Shropshire Staffordshire funding HCA

Stock transfer HAs opt for private placements

28/08/2014 4:54 pm | By Luke Cross

Two stock transfer housing associations have secured private placements to enable them to refinance and free up business plan covenants.

Affinity Sutton results 2014 London housing

Affinity Sutton looks for surplus to offset risk

28/08/2014 4:54 pm

Affinity Sutton increased its pre-tax surplus by a quarter in 2013/14 to £75m as sales income rose a third.

diversification social housing market sale

Diversified activities provide £2.3bn of housing association turnover

01/08/2014 | By Rob Cowley

Thirty-four social landlords are already generating a fifth of their turnover from non-core income

Special report: PFI Housing deals close

Final housing PFI schemes attract £0.5bn of finance for 5,612 homes

01/08/2014 | By Rob Cowley

While many will be happy to see the back of PFI housing, the last seven schemes will result in 5,612 refurbished and new homes.

asset sales development housing associations East Thames

Sales activity provides 39 per cent of housing associations’ net surpluses

09/07/2014 | By Rob Cowley

Shared ownership first tranche sales and market activities increased by 42 per cent in 2012/13 while asset sales represented a quarter of HA total net surpluses.

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