KPMG pensions SHPS social housing pension scheme

Pensions – at what price?

11/01/2017 | By Steve Simkins

How much money should be set aside to meet future benefits?

David Mairs Altair EC Harris housing

Market risks: setting up unregistered subsidiaries

11/01/2017 | By David Mairs

A growing numbers of housing associations are setting up commercial subsidiaries but they need to be aware of the risks and governance considerations

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Mark Henderson Home Group housing association efficiency

Time to put our heads above the parapet on efficiency

12/01/2017 | By Mark Henderson

If we don’t act, the government will.

Sovereign housing Spectrum merger

Merger gives us greater choice over where and how we invest


Market sale is not the only way forward.

Luke Cross Social Housing

Getting in shape

12/01/2017 | By Luke Cross

If you were to set up a housing association tomorrow, how different would it look to those that exist today?

PIC investor pension insurance sorporation autumn statement

Autumn Statement: for investors it’s a good start but still not enough

02/12/2016 | By Elizabeth Cain

Rent cuts across the board penalise those housing associations that are efficient.

Luke Cross Social Housing

A new old deal: flexible funding is plain common sense

02/12/2016 | By Luke Cross

Are we entering another ‘new dawn’ for the housing association sector? Or are we just getting real?

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housing associations SORP FRS 102 asset values US investors

FRS is not so much a transition process as a work in progress

02/12/2016 | By Jonathan Pryor

Housing association accounts now include a number of distortions.

KPMG pensions SHPS social housing pension scheme

Social Housing Pension Scheme: should I stay or should I go?

03/11/2016 | By Steve Simkins

Each option carries its own set of risks.

housing associations SORP FRS 102 asset values US investors

FRS 102 and loan covenants: the nightmare isn’t over quite yet

07/10/2016 | By Jonathan Pryor

There is more to be done on compliance.

Tony Oakley Lloyds Bank social housing

HAs will continue to adapt and thrive despite uncertainty

01/09/2016 | By Tony Oakley

We’re not seeing RPs pull out of schemes, says Tony Oakley

Fiona MacGregor

Whatever happens next the need for more homes remains

04/08/2016 | By Fiona MacGregor

RPs with more sales activity can expect us to be interested in their stress testing.

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