KPMG pensions SHPS social housing pension scheme

Covenant confusion

22/03/2017 | By Steve Simkins

Local goverment pension schemes are taking inconsistent approaches to the idea of employer covenant leading to large variations in employer contributions

Nigel Wilson

Framework for change

22/03/2017 | By Nigel Wilson

Procurement consortium JV North has overhauled its frameworks to adapt to changes in the sector

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Luke Cross Social Housing

A different kind of home ownership debate

06/04/2017 | By Luke Cross

Does partial deregulation open up a different kind of home ownership debate?

Paul Fiddaman Isos Group north east sunderland housing

Our merger creates a new name in housing in the North

06/04/2017 | By Paul Fiddaman

In my experience, merger has delivered efficiency and improved performance - and we intend to more than double our development plan.

housing association social landlord reclassification

Yes we Cannes: UK's regions woo investors at MIPIM

14/03/2017 | By Luke Cross

Social Housing heads to the MIPIM property conference in Cannes and finds familiar faces from the sector

Savills efficiency

Getting housing’s measure: clarity is central to the efficiency debate

09/03/2017 | By David Eastgate

Transparency can be achieved by a few key metrics.

Fiona MacGregor

Cosmopolitan – have we put what we learnt into practice?

09/03/2017 | By Fiona MacGregor

There are some disturbing echoes in some recent case - and we still see examples of weak governance without the board skills to properly hold the executive to account.

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Rob Griffiths Longhurst Group FRS 102 housing accounting

Accounting for multi-employer pension schemes under FRS 102

06/04/2017 | By Rob Griffiths

There is still work to be done on DB treatment.

gearing capacity housing g15 london

A study of housing association capital structure and gearing

10/02/2017 | By Nathan Pickles

It’s critical that HAs get any gearing renegotiations right.

JCRA derivatives finance housing

Hedging your position in volatile times: lessons learned to date

10/02/2017 | By Paco Carballo

Termination might have unintended consequences.

housing associations SORP FRS 102 asset values US investors

FRS is not so much a transition process as a work in progress

02/12/2016 | By Jonathan Pryor

Housing association accounts now include a number of distortions.

KPMG pensions SHPS social housing pension scheme

Social Housing Pension Scheme: should I stay or should I go?

03/11/2016 | By Steve Simkins

Each option carries its own set of risks.

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