Sunday, 30 April 2017

Social Housing Annual Conference 2016 – 10 November 2016


Registration opens for Breakfast Briefing

08.00 - 08.50

Shaping your organisation for the future breakfast briefing

The theme of this breakfast briefing is maximising housing delivery through collaboration and diversification

Your experienced panel will consider how to future-proof your business plans and look at the current opportunities as well as issues arising from increasing diversification including partnering options, achieving market value, structuring, regulatory and funding topics.


  • Louise Leaver, Partner, Winckworth Sherwood


  • Patrick Symington, Finance, Governance & ICT Director, First Wessex
  • Mark Davie, Head of Social Housing, M&G
  • Andrew Screen, Senior Director, CBRE
  • Nick Tustian, Chief Executive, Eastleigh Borough Council.



Registration opens for conference


Conference opens and chair's introduction

Richard McCarthy, Executive Director, Property and Infrastructure, Capita


Into the great unknown

2016 was always going to be a year of change for housing providers - just not this much change. With a new government and a long list of unanswered questions about the future political and economic landscape, is there room for optimism – or should we be battening the hatches?

Steve Richards, Chief Political Columnist, The Independent


'Business as usual' in a Brexit world?

Irrespective of Brexit, sweeping policy changes announced in the last 18 months mean associations are having to think about what services they offer, their corporate structures, new partnerships and different delivery models.

How can we deliver housing in this climate - and is a reliance on cross-subsidy and the sales market a recipe for short-term gain but long-term pain?

David Cowans, Chief Executive, Places for People

Matthew Bailes, Chief Executive, Paradigm

Geeta Nanda, Chief Executive, TVHA


Morning break


Housing Associations: home builders of the future?

Housing associations of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds are finding themselves under pressure to develop more homes. The Government drive for increased housing supply and home-ownership has put political and financial pressure on the sector to increase housing delivery.

In theory, housing associations are well positioned to increase new housing delivery. Their existing stock ownership provides an ideal asset to borrow against during this period of tighter development funding. The cashflow from their existing business can help smooth out the business cycle, avoiding the boom and bust that has hurt private sector small and medium housebuilders in recent decades. And their ability to deliver and manage homes across a range of tenures could help increase build-out rates on sites of all sizes. That all suggests housing associations could become the small and medium housebuilders of the future.
However, there are outstanding questions, the most important of which is: what is their actual capacity to deliver new homes look like? In our forthcoming research, Savills will be taking a look at the financial and development capacity of housing associations in an attempt to answer this question and find out whether housing associations can be the home builders of the future.

Christopher Buckle, Associate Director, residential research, Savills


Regulatory update

As the sector tries to balance risk and delivery, is the revised regulatory framework fit for purpose? And what next from the HCA on the ‘efficiency agenda’? Julian will give an in-depth update on the latest position of the regulator.

Julian Ashby, Chair of the Regulation Committee, HCA


Making a merger

What is the rationale driving merger, and how have announcements and events of the last 12 months impacted decisions and process? Is the ‘self-assessment’ approach to merging delivering best value, or are there simply too many HAs with capacity to be put to use?

Waqar Ahmed, Group Finance Director, L&Q

Richard Peacock, Chief Executive, Soha Housing

Ian McDermott, Group Chief Executive, Aldwyck


Transforming your business

With a greater need for efficiency, collaboration and cross-subsidy, business transformation and risk management are top of the agenda. How should transformation and increasing commercial activity be managed through the business - and do increased risks require a more corporate approach to governance?

Bruce Moore, Chief Executive, Housing and Care 21

Dave Procter, Group Chair, Incommunities

Henrietta Podd, Director, Social Housing Team, JCRA

Sharon Webster, Partner, Trowers and Hamlins



13.25 - 13.55

Unlocking the key to public land

Public land has a major role to play in increasing housing supply, so why is it so difficult to make it work on the ground? This session will explore how health, housing, local authorities and government departments can unlock capacity of NHS and other public land to help address housing need. Our panel from across the sector while provide expert analysis on where opportunities lie and how the challenge can be realised.

Gerraint Oakley, Managing Director, Curo Homes

Chair Waqar Ahmed, Group Finance Director, L&Q

Lee Clarke, Partner, Capsticks

Nicola Theron, Local Area Director, London, Community Health Partnerships


Into the great unknown part 2

2016 was always going to be a year of change for housing providers – just not this much change. With a new government and a long list of unanswered questions about the future economic landscape, is there room for optimism – or should we be battening the hatches?

Vicky Pryce, economist and business consultant


Owning the tenure

Is flexibility of tenure really the key to unlocking HA potential when it comes to building the homes the country needs? What should the sector be building, and is there a deal to be made with the new government? And what now for the home ownership agenda?

Mark Henderson,Chief Executive, Home Group

Paul Tennant, Chief Executive, Orbit Group

Heather Ashton, Executive Director, resources, Thirteen Group


Is the price right? Commercial vs non-commercial

Following a year of extensive reform and political change, how do the ratings agencies, funders and investors view the sector? As registered providers continue to increase income from commercial activity, what differentiates them from housebuilders in the eyes of the rating agencies and funders - and where’s the tipping point when it comes to their investment grade?

Piers Williamson,Chief Executive, THFC

Jeanne Harrison, Analyst, Moody’s

Ben Broad, Director, Corporate Debt Capital Markets, HSBC

Liz Cain, Debt Origination Analyst, Pension Insurance Corporation


Afternoon break


Delivering in partnership: devolution and evolution

What role did the failure of Westminster to address the needs of local economies have in the Brexit vote – and could the referendum result turbo-boost devolution deals as the new government responds? We bring together devolved regions, housing associations, developers and new entrants to showcase their plans for delivering more homes at the right tenure for their communities, and how housing providers are playing a part. Something that hasn’t changed in all the political upheaval of this year is the desperate need in this country for more housing, or all tenures. How are housing providers, local government and housebuilders positioning themselves to address this, and what solutions are they adopting.

Cllr Paul Smith, Cabinet Member, Housing, Bristol City Council

Matthew Gardiner, Chief Executive, Trafford Housing Trust

Jonathan Goring, Managing director, Lovell


The future of housing in London

Jamie Ratcliff, Assistant Director, Policy, Programmes and Services, GLA


Conference close and drinks reception