Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Social Housing Finance Conference

5 October, Glasgow Marriott Hotel

Social Housing is pleased to present the launch of its first Social Housing Scotland Finance Conference. This builds on the success of the Scottish Social Housing Roadshows.

The programme has been put together with the help and advice of 12 of the sector’s leading lights.

In the tradition of our Social Housing conferences, this one event will drill into the heart of the issues that are affecting the sector.

Some of the themes to be explored include:

  • The economic and political outlook
  • 50,000 homes - whose target is it?
  • Increasing capacity in the sector
  • The future of regulation
  • Statutory interventions
  • VfM and efficiency
  • The funding outlook for the sector
  • Future of the sector

Conference programe overview

The economic and political outlook

  • Brexit
  • Indi 2 referendum
  • Impact on the economic outlook for Scotland

50,000 homes - whose target is it?

  • Development capacity of the sector to build 50,00 new homes
  • Strategic housing investment programme
  • Grant arrangements and review of planning
  • How does the sector feel about the target?
  • Sector wide contribution
  • Partnership working
  • Lack of skills

Increasing capacity in the sector

  • Funding 50k new homes - balance sheet strength
  • Appropriate risk and governance controls
  • Risk assessment on contractors
  • Will lack of capacity drive up cost, and if so, how do we respond?
  • How can we boost the capacity of providers in remote and rural locations

The future of regulation

  • SHR overview of existing governance and controls
  • How will the regulator react to providers taking on more risk?
  • How can providers mitigate against risk?

Statutory interventions

  • Do we have a problem with governance?
  • Are board and leadership skills good enough?

VfM and efficiency

  • Do we have the right data?
  • VfM across procurement - how is new build housing being procured, where are the cost savings?
  • Should the regulator have full oversight of efficiency in the sector?

The funding outlook for the sector

  • Current view of the sector
  • Will the financial and investor appetite be their going forward?
  • Not taking private sector funding for granted

Future of the sector

  • Future of rents
  • Future political interference in rent policies
  • Welfare reform
  • Pension liabilities and sector’s response
  • Changing demographics - social care investment