Saturday, 25 March 2017

Programme 2017


Registration opens for Breakfast Briefing

8:00 - 8:30  

The new political landscape post the Housing White Paper: Financial opportunities and risks

Fixing our broken housing market' included a huge array of potential reforms. These set out a clear expectation that RPs, now seen as "allies" of government, will build more homes as part of making a significant contribution to addressing the housing crisis. But before any of those measures are enacted, the sector is about to be given unprecedented freedoms through partial deregulation, that could change the face of valuations.
Join senior leaders to discuss what this means, the impact of these measures and how we can maximise the new opportunities whilst managing the inevitable risks.

A delicious breakfast will be served from 07:30.

Ric Blakeway, Consultant, JLL
Adam Challis , Head of residential research, JLL
Richard Petty, Lead director, affordable housing, JLL


Registration opens for conference


Conference opens and chair's introduction

Anne Turner, Board Member, Network and Asra Housing


Making sense of the political and economic landscape

Set against the backdrop of Brexit and the launch of the Housing White Paper. Our expert panellists will be making sense of what the future political and economic landscape will look like and what this could mean for housing.


Regulatory update

The future of regulation in the sector is changing; since the reclassification of the housing associations, the government has been swift in moving to deregulate the sector. Julian will provide an in-depth look at the future of regulation and identify what this could mean for investors and landlords.

Julian Ashby, Chair of the Regulation Committee, HCA


Driving efficiency and value for money in sector

Driving efficiency and value for money is high on the agenda for the sector. This has been backed up with over 240 housing providers have signed-up to the ‘Sector Scorecard’. This session will look at how the sector can drive efficiency and deliver value for money.

John Hudson, Chief Finance Officer, Home Group
Helen Edwards, Board member, Peabody


Morning break and networking


Breaking the mould - how are housing associations doing things differently to solve the UK housing crisis?

Over the last year we have seen mega mergers, innovative financing and partnership arrangements. This session brings together two of the sector's largest organisations to discuss how they have reimagined the way they operate to react to the new political and economic environment.

Themes to be discussed include: creating a fit for purpose group to deliver ambition; restructuring to bring together market sale and core functions; how risk flows to different parts of the group; and the role of merger in achieving this.

Mark Washer , Chief financial officer, Clarion Housing Group
Waqar Ahmed , Group finance director, L&Q
Gail Teasdale , Finance director, Accent


Funding in the new environment

In this session investors will offer their views from changes in the HA market and what that means for the sector profile, to the backdrop of a volatile macro-economic environment. Speakers will examine how they see the sector risk in aggregate, from policy changes to the sector’s move towards more market-related activities.


Savills research presentation: Unlocking latent capacity

Housing Associations have up to £7.4bn of additional asset backed borrowing capacity that could be used to deliver more homes.

Savills will be building on the Housing Association Financial Capacity research undertaken in November 2016.

Our new research, to be launched at the Social Housing Finance Conference on 11th May 2017, will focus on unlocking latent capacity in the sector in light of the latest policies and market conditions.


Lunch and networking


In conversation with the HCA

As the HCA has a new beefed-up role in driving housing supply, this session will see their new chief executive discuss the new role of the organisation. Delegates can expect to leave this session with a deeper understanding of the new role of the HCA.


Delivery models

With the onus now being to deliver more homes, the sector will need to be more innovative in the way it delivers. Whether it is through joint ventures, partnerships or financing and funding. Bringing together a range of the sector’s pioneers, this session will explore what can be done and how different options work in practice.


Afternoon break and networking


Breakout A: Are your covenants fit for purpose?

With the sector being peppered with mergers and refinancing deals as the sector becomes more commercial, there is a necessity to review existing covenants. But do existing covenants reflect the changing nature of the sector and incorporate the increased market exposure? This session will bring together three organisations that have just refinanced and will delve into the detail of the deals and will provide practical take home messages on the rationale behind their decisions.

Helen Rourke, Finance director, Trafford Housing Trust
Paul Gray, Finance director, BPHA


Breakout B: Unlocking internal capacity

Unlocking internal capacity is not only about building more homes, but about building strength and resilience. Recent stock rationalisation strategies have stated that they will contribute to the balance sheet recalibration, while helping ensure that they are not maxing out on debt. The regulator has set out that boards need to be honest about whether they are doing all they can do to support their objectives to the full. With this in mind this session will explore how different organisations are adopting different strategies to unlock capacity to help deliver more homes.


Breakout C: SME HAs: what are the options?

This breakout session will see three small to medium sized housing associations come together to discuss how they are adapting to meet the challenges of the new environment. Expect mergers, partnerships and cost sharing vehicles to be discussed, as well as what is driving these decisions.

Peter McCormack, Chief executive, Derwent Living
Sue Lock, Chief executive, Wulvern Housing
Andy Howarth, Finance director, Fortis
James Tickell, Partner, Campbell Tickell


Breakout D: The alternatives to delivery

Is it time for housing providers to embrace different funding approaches; and do they need a fundamental overhaul of the way they structure their funding? Three key speakers will share their thoughts on how to embrace new approaches.


New world, new risk

This session will explore whether housing associations have a new purpose, and if so, is its business model fit enough to meet it? Our panel of experts will close the conference with a thoughts provoking and honest assessment of whether the sector is equipped to deliver the government’s agenda.

Jeff Zitron,Chair, Altair
Charlie Arbuthnot, Chair, Credit Committee, THFC


Conference close and drinks reception