Andrew Carlin procurement housing

Brexit: what it means for asset management contracts

05/10/2016 | By Andrew Carlin & Andrew Millross

Construction prices rises and uncertainty over migrant workers from Europe following the vote to leave the EU has created a headache for housing associations. What can an asset manager do?

Trowers & Hamlins loan arrangements Dexia Newcastle Building Society Royal Bank of Canada The Co-operative Co-op

Negative interest rates: what is a prudent FD to do?

14/09/2016 | By Eleanor James

It’s possible that some banks would seek to pass a ‘negative rate’ onto their customers.

Steve Simkins

Pensions under pressure

25/08/2016 | By Steve Simkins

Steve Simkins considers the implications of the post-referendum crash in bond yields for rising pension liabilities.

Ian Brennan

Brexit: the story in Scotland


Ian Brennan looks at the main risks faced Scottish housing associations in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union.

Jenny Brown

Brexit: Agility is key for housing associations

24/08/2016 | By Jenny Brown

Scenario planning is central to identifying any gaps that could potentially open up risk.

Andrew Carlin procurement housing

Procurement after Brexit: Six priorities for social landlords

11/08/2016 | By Andrew Carlin

We’re already seeing suppliers attempting to take advantage of economic uncertainties by marking up prices.

Fiona MacGregor

Whatever happens next the need for more homes remains

04/08/2016 | By Fiona MacGregor

RPs with more sales activity can expect us to be interested in their stress testing.

housing budget social housing rent cuts

A treasury director’s post EU referendum checklist

04/08/2016 | By Tom Paul

We need to make sure our organisations are positioned to cope with negative outcomes, but ready to exploit positive ones.

Ingrid Reynolds Savills joint ventures affordable housing

Nothing joint ventured, nothing gained


Joint ventures are one of the solutions to delivering affordable housing in difficult times.

Phil Jenkins Centrus private placements covenants housing finance

Hidden treasure: changing the capital structure

29/07/2016 | By Phil Jenkins

Building homes for sale is not the only way of funding affordable rented housing.

Richard Petty JLL Cosmopolitan finance leases leaseback

Brexit: an opportunity to address our housing shortage

29/07/2016 | By Richard Petty

The sector needs to do all it can to meet demand - and will have more opportunities to do so over the next few years than it might have done without Brexit. 

Neil Waller Trowers and Hamlins

Could Brexit lead to minimum interest rates?

20/07/2016 | By Neil Waller

Could lenders look to protect their margins through the use of minimum interest rates?

Steve Simkin KPMG pensions housing budget

Brexit: what it means for pensions

20/07/2016 | By Steve Simkins

It will be crucial that pension agreements are fit for purpose in a Brexit world.

Tony Oakley Lloyds Bank social housing Brexit EU referendum

We all have a role in minimising Brexit uncertainty

13/07/2016 | By Tony Oakley

While it isn’t quite business as usual, I’m confident the sector will continue to adapt to the challenges and opportunities that Brexit brings.

Adam Cutler Crowe Clarke Whitehill Brexit VAT tax housing

Brexit: challenging our VAT system

13/07/2016 | By Adam Cutler

The sector has a one-off opportunity to influence the debate on what a series of taxes should look like.

Andrew Cowan Devonshires Brexit housing

Is Brexit an opportunity for social housing?

06/07/2016 | By Andrew Cowan

There’s a feeling in the air that anything goes – and that could see HAs become the government’s vital ally

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