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HA profits from sales pass the £1bn mark

07/07/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

Profits from sales pass £1bn mark but rise just 3% as proportion of housing associations’ net surpluses.

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Development for sale makes up 13 per cent of HA turnover

03/06/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

RPs’ sales proceeds set to increase further in 2015/16.

Shared ownership week 2014

RPs' shared ownership first tranche sales bounce back

06/11/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Sales rebound in the last year but London increase is slower than rest of country.

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Notting Hill leads first tranche sales as London proves fruitful

04/10/2013 | By Rob Cowley

Some of the UK’s biggest housing groups boosted their first tranche shared ownership sales by more than 1000 per cent in 2012/13, exclusive research by Social Housing has found.

housing sales shared ownership social housing

Sales provide £1.4bn of turnover as margins reach 22 per cent

02/04/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Boost to cross-subsidy comes with increased risks

Rental market liquidity - 2011

06/07/2011 | By Kate Allen

How easy is it to price up local market rent levels? Some areas lack sufficient data.

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Non-core turnover increases 18.1 per cent in a single year

04/08/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

Diversified income growth dwarfs rise in total housing association revenue, Social Housing analysis reveals.

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Diversified activities make up 22 per cent of total income

06/05/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Open market and property sales increased by nearly 40 per cent.

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Diversified activities provide £2.3bn of housing association turnover

01/08/2014 | By Rob Cowley

Thirty-four social landlords are already generating a fifth of their turnover from non-core income

diversification 2012/13

Market sales rise 75 per cent among diversified HAs

09/08/2013 | By Rob Cowley

Open market and property sales across the most diversified housing associations rose by 75 per cent in 12 months, according to research by Social Housing.

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