Affordable Homes Programmes starts and completions housing social

UK grant-funded completions drop by half as new AHP gets started

03/11/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

England sees 63 per cent fall in completions in a year.

Affordable homes programme 2011-15 housing association finances HCA

RPs complete 51,956 new homes in final year of AHP

04/09/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Figures show 62% rise in low cost home ownership units

Affordable homes programme 2011-15 starts and completions

AHP enters final straight as starts and completions increase by 15%

04/09/2014 | By Rob Cowley

HCA targets delivery of 29,000 homes in 2014/15 as analysis shows slow progress in London along with continued NAHP starts.

affordable homes starts and completions

Affordable homes starts rise 127 per cent as completions fall 39 per cent

06/09/2013 | By Rob Cowley

Affordable homes construction starts rose 127 per cent in the 2012/13 financial year while completions fell 39 per cent.

Starts and completions plunge: is AHP on track to meet official forecasts?

07/09/2012 | By Rob Cowley

Data from the Homes and Communities Agency for 2011/12 show a 67 per cent fall in starts and a 13 per cent drop in completions. 

afforsable rents 2012/13

Affordable rents peak at £247 per week

01/11/2013 | By Rob Cowley

Affordable rent (AR) units represented 17 per cent of total general needs lettings in the year ended 31 March 2013 but reached as high as 75 per cent for some English HAs with average weekly rents peaking at £227 in parts of London.

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