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Cost of funds falls but fewer HAs on cheapest rates

07/04/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

Housing associations’ average cost of funds fell slightly in the last financial year to 4.59 per cent.

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HA cost of funds rises for first time since downturn

06/05/2015 | By Rob Cowley

HAs continue to refinance legacy loans via debt capital markets.

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Cost of funds bottoms out at 4.54% but HAs look for a long-term fix

02/05/2014 | By Rob Cowley

The average cost of funds has reached 4.54 per cent for the largest 130 housing associations in the UK, suggesting the bottom of the debt market for the sector.

More HAs borrowing at cheaper rates - 2011/12

03/05/2013 | By Rob Cowley

The downward trend in the sector’s cost-of-funds picked up speed in 2011/12 as the average interest paid on the total debt in our analysis dropped 11 basis points (bps) from 4.66 per cent to 4.55 per cent.

Cost of funds - 2010/11

02/05/2012 | By Rob Cowley

A detailed look at what landlords’ borrowings cost them in 2010/11

Special report: PFI Housing deals close

Final housing PFI schemes attract £0.5bn of finance for 5,612 homes

01/08/2014 | By Rob Cowley

While many will be happy to see the back of PFI housing, the last seven schemes will result in 5,612 refurbished and new homes.

RBS helps to increase lending in Wales and Scotland as borrowings from Lloyds decline

09/08/2013 | By Rob Cowley

Bank lending to social housing providers increased in both Wales and Scotland in the 2012 financial year, according to the latest official figures seen by Social Housing.

Loans database 2008

03/04/2009 | By Rob Cowley

Comprehensive list of private finance deals in 2008, including cost of funds data.

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