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HA profits from sales pass the £1bn mark

07/07/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

Profits from sales pass £1bn mark but rise just 3% as proportion of housing associations’ net surpluses.

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Profits from sales-related activity make up 38 per cent of HA surpluses

05/06/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Market-related, shared ownership and asset sales provide £855m of profits.

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Sales activity provides 39 per cent of housing associations’ net surpluses

09/07/2014 | By Rob Cowley

Shared ownership first tranche sales and market activities increased by 42 per cent in 2012/13 while asset sales represented a quarter of HA total net surpluses.

Asset sales reliance - 2011/12

03/05/2013 | By Rob Cowley

This report looks at the sector’s reliance on asset salesand the contributions of shared ownership and build-for-sale to registered provider (RP) net surpluses.

Asset sales reliance - 2010/11

02/05/2012 | By Rob Cowley

How sales subsidised some landlords’ bottom line in 2010/11.

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HA write offs fall as G15 benefits from London market

01/04/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Offices and non-core properties see greatest impairment

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HAs see 9% rise in impairment as planning delays stifle schemes

09/07/2014 | By Rob Cowley

Housing associations incurred £45.5m of impairment charges across almost 2 million units as planning delays impacted some development plans.

Does impairment still tell useful story after worst of financial crisis?

12/07/2013 | By Rob Cowley

Our headline figures for impairment in 2011/12 show this measurement of lost value falling to its lowest level since 2007 (when Social Housing magazine started tracking it).

Impairment booked across sector halves year-on-year


Largest annual write-down was Genesis’s £20.7m, taking it to £39m total impairment over the past four years.

Annual level of impairment hits £143m in 2009/10


Sector-wide write-downs were down slightly from previous year’s high of £158 million, at 8 per cent of operating surpluses

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UK housing association spending plans hit £17.8bn but rate of growth slows

09/03/2017 | By David Blackman

Pot for new build and major refurbishment rises by 3 per cent.

Spectrum Galliford Try jv Sherwood

Forward spend plans reach £18.4bn amid surplus rise

03/03/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

Investment in new build and major refurbishment up 8%

Capital commitments

HAs' forward spend plans rise for second year running

05/03/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Contracted future work in 2013/14 increased by 29% in the UK, while £8.3bn was available to contractors.

Housing association forward spend plans 2012/13 contracors development

HAs forward spend plans reach £14.1bn as L&Q falls off the top spot

04/04/2014 | By Rob Cowley

After two years of decline, HAs have posted a 13 per cent rise in capital commitments with £7.5bn available to contractors

Capital commitments fall for a second year - 2011/12

05/04/2013 | By Rob Cowley

Capital commitments across the UK housing association sector have fallen for a second consecutive year.

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