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9.15 Chair’s welcome remarks

9.20 Session 1. ESG and impact investing on the global stage and in the UK

This session will provide an overview into the scale of the impact investment market, who’s leading developments within ESG in the UK, and the state of play in Europe and beyond.


Keynote speaker: Elizabeth Corley, Chair, Impact Investing Institute

10.00 Session 2. Impact investing and ESG: investors, risk and impact appetite

Our panel of experts spanning the spectrum of capital will set out what they look for in terms of risk, return and impact. Through detailed case studies and a panel discussion, we will discover what’s driving the focus on impact, the difference between ESG and impact investment, and delineating between investor types.


Session chair: Beth Collett, Head of the Debt Capital Markets, Addleshaw Goddard

Speakers: Maggie Loo, Partner, Bridges Fund Management

Simon Bond, Fund Manager, Director of RI Portfolio Management, Columbia Threadneedle

Dominic Brindley, Head of public sector and structured asset finance, RBS

10.50 – 11.20 Coffee and networking break

11.20 Session 3. Harnessing capital by the means of ESG

In this session we will hear from the borrowing organisations as to what their borrowing need is, why they need to harness capital, and why receiving it through the means of ESG/Impact might be an opportunity.


Henrietta Podd, Head of Debt Capital Markets, Allia C&C

Patrick Minjauw, Deputy treasurer, Clarion Housing Group

12.10 Session 4. Building resilience: impact investing’s place in the built environment, regeneration and place making.

In this session we will hear supply side case studies of how investment with purpose can make a tangible and long-term impact on communities and places, bringing infrastructure and regeneration to truly make places and people thrive.


Session chair: Catherine Raynsford, Director of Stakeholder and Investment Management, Hyde Group


Juliette Morgan, Head of Sustainable Developments, British Land

Robert Evans, Joint managing partner, Argent

Pete Gladwell, Head of private partnerships, Legal & General

13.00 Lunch and networking break

14.00 Session 5. ESG investing: policy and regulation

What is the role of local and central government in bringing the ESG investment into the built environment and communities? How can impact metrics help to make an evidence-based case to central and local government? Regulatory view: does ESG mean financialisation of public services by the back door?


Speakers: Jonathan Walters, Deputy chief executive, Regulator of Social Housing

14.55 Session 6. Measure for measure: can we standardise impact metrics in a diverse sector?

As investors seek to measure impact, there is a clear case for agreeing standardised metrics across the sector. What should these look like? How do we ensure no one is left behind and that the focus remains impact rather than box-ticking?


Speakers: Sarah Forster, Chief executive, The Good Economy

Austen Reid, Director UK, Ritterwald

15.40 – 16.00 Coffee and networking break

16.00 Session 7. Profit for purpose: does equity have a place in a traditionally not-for-profit sector?

In this session we will talk about the role of equity in the public sector. Can equity capital help achieve more in traditionally not for profit sectors? What type of structures allow the right balance of risk for the supply side? And are commercial organisations willing to provide the expensive additional services that come from dealing with vulnerable client groups?


Speakers: Peter Denton, Chief executive, Hyde Group

Scott Greenhalgh, Chair, Bridges Evergreen Holdings

Shamez Alibhai, Head of community housing, Man Group

16.50 Session 8. ‘Building back better’ through ESG and social impact

In this closing panel discussion, a team of experts will discuss the role of ESG and impact investing in the ‘new normal’? How can impact investment and ESG help organisations collaborate in answering the COVID-19 call to action: homelessness, journey to 2050 zero carbon: building green, retrofitting, regeneration, ageing in place.



Jamie Broderick, Board member, Impact Investing Institute

Anna Shiel, Head of origination, senior investment director, Big Society Capital

17.30 Close of Conference

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