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Sponsored content

Inside Housing and Social Housing produce supplements and other projects that are sponsored by third party organisations. These projects allow us to cover topics that are of mutual interest to our readers and to the sponsoring organisation, and to explore new and different formats. They also allow us to fulfil an important part of our role as a business-to-business publication: bringing together and creating connections between organisations from across the sector.


Examples include our chapter supplements, Q&A articles, round tables, surveys, webinars and breakfast briefings. It important to Inside HousingSocial Housing and our sponsors that sponsored projects adhere to high standards and are topical, relevant and of interest to subscribers.


Guiding principles:

  • Projects should satisfy the needs of Inside Housing and Social Housing subscribers, the editorial team and the sponsor. To ensure articles are highly relevant for readers, topics are carefully developed in partnership between the sponsor and the Inside Housing project manager, taking care to ensure that they align with our editorial priorities.
  • Sponsored projects are guided by a clear brief, produced by the editorial project manager at the start of the project, taking on board information, interviewees and case studies suggested by the sponsor and any issues relevant bearing in mind Inside Housing’s editorial priorities.
  • Articles are written by journalists and sector experts, adhering to Inside Housing’s normal house style. As with all Inside Housing and Social Housing content, article are written with the reader in mind, in an engaging way and to a high standard.
  • The sponsor does not receive a proof of independently written articles before publication. However, they are given an opportunity to read columns that they have written and supplied and case study articles in which they are a party in order to check for factual inaccuracies and that the brief has been followed.
  • In print, all sponsored projects and articles are clearly marked “in association with” and feature the sponsor’s logo. Case studies are marked “written in partnership with” to denote the sponsor’s involvement. Online the same wording is used and articles are presented under the heading “From our partners”.
  • For round tables, sponsors are additionally involved in suggesting panel members and topics for discussion. For breakfast briefings and webinars, sponsors are involved in suggesting speakers and topics. Events are independently chaired by a member of the Inside Housing or Social Housing editorial teams.
  • For surveys, the sponsor is involved in suggesting questions and has the opportunity to pose up to two not-for-publication questions for market research purposes that will not be used in the Inside Housing and Social Housing report on the results.

Occasionally Inside Housing and Social Housing run advertorials. These items are submitted by advertisers and are generally about the advertiser or their produce or service. These are entirely separate from the Inside Housing editorial team. They are marked ‘advertorial’ and are not designed using Inside Housing and Social Housing editorial templates.

For general enquiries you can contact Social Housing at:

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