KPMG pensions SHPS social housing pension scheme

Pensions – at what price?

11/01/2017 | By Steve Simkins

How much money should be set aside to meet future benefits?

David Mairs Altair EC Harris housing

Market risks: setting up unregistered subsidiaries

11/01/2017 | By David Mairs

A growing numbers of housing associations are setting up commercial subsidiaries but they need to be aware of the risks and governance considerations


Birth of a salesman

04/01/2017 | By Nigel Wilson

The emphasis on homes for sale in the new development funding programme calls for new skills

Sharon Gilkes, Grant Thornton

Salary sacrifice – it’s all change

20/12/2016 | By Sharon Gilkes

All employers should be considering the financial impact of upcoming changes to ‘salary sacrifice’ and benefits arrangements.

Keith Thopson Procurement for housing associations merger

Merger: get the blueprint right and the rest will flow

20/12/2016 | By Keith Thompson

Get the blueprint wrong and you’ll still be looking at how to crack ‘strategic alignment’ and ‘synergies of operation’ three or four years post-merger.

David Cowans, Places for People housing finance grant

Merger doesn’t have to be a choice between the big and the small

30/11/2016 | By David Cowans

Middle way is about creating mechanisms that enable organisations to merge while retaining what makes them effective in their communities.

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