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Accounts digest: analysis of over 200 sets of HA financials shows radical impact of accounting change

10/02/2017 | By Chloe Stothart

Social Housing’s analysis of over 200 sets of UK housing association accounts shows that the introduction of FRS 102 alone boosted reserves by £8.8bn as surpluses rise £1.8bn.

FRS 102 break clauses loans housing

Reserves move by £3.5bn across top 20 associations

02/12/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

Surpluses rise by just £23m due to accounting change.

GB Social Housing bond tap Tottenham Mount Green Tamil social housing finance

HA units across top 222 associations hit 3 million

04/12/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Accounts Digest for 2014/15 shows financially strong sector ahead of political shake up.

HA surpluses  - assets and loans

Special Report Accounts Digest 2012/13

09/01/2014 | Updated: 13/10/2014

HA surpluses  - assets and loans

UK surpluses break through £2 billion

06/12/2013 | By Rob Cowley

The UK housing association sector posted record net surpluses of over £2 billion in 2012/13, according to Social Housing’s exclusive accounts digest.

Staff levels falls for first time amid cull of lower paid - 2011/12

01/02/2013 | By Rob Cowley

The number of full-time staff or full-time equivalents in the housing association sector has fallen for the first time in at least 12 years - possibly for the first time in its history.

Accounts digest - 2011/12

07/12/2012 | By Rob Cowley

Higher inflation may have masked a slowdown for the UK housing association sector in 2011/12. 

Staff salaries - 2010/11

03/02/2012 | By Rob Cowley

Full data and analysis of housing associations’ staff salaries in 2010/11

Accounts digest - 2010/11

01/12/2011 | By Rob Cowley

Comprehensive analysis of English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish housing associations’ results

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Auditors' fees graph

Advisers support £4.1bn of funding as auditor fees top £10m

06/07/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Financing requirements and new risks offer increased work for advisory firms.

funding advisers capital markets housing finance

HAs pay £9.8m in ‘big-ticket’ auditor fees as advisers close £6.5bn of deals

06/03/2014 | By Rob Cowley

Increasingly complex HA business plans, operational structures and activities are keeping advisory firms busy as HAs also seek advice to navigate the capital markets.

Analysis of sector's professional service providers - 2011/12

04/03/2013 | By Rob Cowley

A special report with analysis and assessments of auditors, lawyers and listed firms providing services to the housing association sector.

Professionals' league - 2010/11

01/03/2012 | By Rob Cowley

A profile of the housing sector’s professional service providers.

Professionals' League - 2009/10

03/03/2011 | By Rob Cowley

A profile of the housing sector’s professional service providers.

Haringey Home Zone

Rise in social housing lags behind surplus increases

07/10/2016 | By Chloe Stothart

Net surpluses climb by a quarter, but social housing units rise by just 0.9 per cent.

non-social housing lettings

Slow growth in social units despite strong HA finances

04/08/2015 | By Rob Cowley

Analysis offers insight into £2.5bn revenue stream unaffected by rent cut.

housing association social housing accounts finances

Global accounts highlight strong surpluses and HA capacity to build

30/05/2014 | By Rob Cowley

British housing providers saw their pre-tax surplus top £2bn for the first time, with results in 2012/13 representing a 7 per cent rise year-on-year.

Pre-tax surpluses grow 19 per cent across Wales

09/08/2013 | By Rob Cowley

The turnover of Welsh housing associations more than doubled in the five years to March 2012, while pre-tax surpluses grew by 19 per cent in 12 months.

Sector boosted by 9 per cent rise in rental income in 2011/12

07/06/2013 | By Rob Cowley

Global accounts from both the English and Scottish social housing regulators show another positive year but both have good reason to take a closer look at their sector’s non-social housing activity.

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